Dream Reader

Today’s blog post will be written to my dream reader, a person who I would love to read this blog and perhaps someday will. I’ve decided to write it to my goddaughter, Posy.

Posy is almost seven months old and is so precious to me, she is my first godchild and the daughter of my beautiful best friend. So here we go…

Posy, the day you were born was a day overfilled with so much happiness and love, you a small little bundle made my best friend smile in a way I’ve never seen her smile before. A smile only you could you could make her do. I was so proud of her and so so thankful that you had arrived.

Since that day you’ve grown up quite abit, you are so funny and are so amazingly beautiful. A few weeks ago we had your christening and I got to stand up at the altar with you and make a promise to you and to God that I’ll always be there and I’ll always look after you. I intend to keep that promise Posy petal, for the rest of your life I’ll always be here for you. No matter what you need throughout your life I’ll always be here for you.

I know that when you grow up you’ll make the right choices on your way and you’ll be an absolute credit to all of us. Don’t ever loose your cheeky smile, and never stop making us laugh.

I never knew what having a godchild meant, but now I do. I have a love for you that only I can have. It’s a special love, cause your a special girl. I’m so excited to see you grow up and see your life. Love you forever Posy.