Those Kim Kardashian Photos

So everyone’s seen them, and if you haven’t where have you been?! The world went CRAZY about those Kim Kardashian West pictures for Paper Magazine. Kimmy K left nothing to the imagination this time (not that there was much anyway), when she stripped off and smiled for the camera. The pictures had the tagline ‘Break the internet’, which she had a good go at doing. The photos were taken by Jean-Paul Goude and he also used Kim to recreate his iconic “Champagne Incident” shot (an image also known as Carolina Beaumont, New York for the name of the model and the location in which it was taken).

Everyone knows Kim Kardashian; she is very, very famous. She has a daughter named North, with the infamous Kanye West and has around 25 million Twitter followers. She is constantly in the spot light and the media. On Wednesday Paper Magazine released two photos of Mrs West and released two more today. Thursday’s pictures included a bit extra viewing. I personally don’t understand her reasoning for the full frontal nude photo, we already know she has a lovely, curvy figure with a rather astonishing backside. What was the need for her to show her other stuff to the entire world? Somethings are best kept away. I really didn’t enjoy waking up this morning, having my breakfast and doing my daily Facebook scroll and seeing Kim’s frontal bits. No thank you. Surely Kanye can’t be okay with this? I thought he was supposed to be some crazy control freak…But apparently he’s fully behind his wife (no pun intended). He took to twitter sharing the butt picture with #ALLDAY.

My biggest concern is what is she going to say to her daughter North when she’s old enough to understand what her mother has done? Personally, as much as I love my Mum I’d be completely shocked by seeing pictures of her naked and knowing that the world has seen them too. Poor North, I’m not saying Kim’s a bad mother, however I personally see these pictures as a bad choice as a mother and a role model to young female fans. Girls need to stop aspiring to women like Kim Kardashian, she got famous for an “accidental” sex tape, married a rude rapper and is now showing her entire naked body off for the world to see. Why do we as people take interest to people like her? I’ve clearly taken an interest as I’m currently writing this blog about her; it must be her mind blowing actions that caught my attention. In the interview with Paper Magazine discussing her social media life Kim said, “I love sharing my world with people,” to which I believe this is just another sentence for ‘I like a lot of attention’.

It’s not just Kim who got some attention this week via social media, her younger sister Khloe released a photo on instagram that caused quite a big response. Khloe shared to her followers a photo of herself, and sisters Kourtney and Kim with the words “The only KKK to ever let black men in”. Is she stupid? Some user on instagram commented this,  ‘This isn’t funny at all. Why make jokes about a group that terrorised and still terroises my people. You’re a clown for this. Very disrespectful and disgusting for this. A joke.’ clearly her fans didn’t see the funny side to it.


I found that one hilarious thing came from Kim’s Paper Magazine shoot was the photo shopped pictures that people were sharing on the internet. I’ve shared some of my favourites below…Glistening: A lot of users compared the reality star to a glazed donut

Mythical beast: One user turned Kim into a beautiful centaur


4 thoughts on “Those Kim Kardashian Photos

  1. Well to be honest one of my colleagues mentioned these pictures this morning and I was curious when I saw your blog title. I have no idea what the wolds obsession is with Kim K. None what so ever! If people would not talk about her so much, I would have no idea who she is, since I don’t follow her show or anything.

    As for the nude pics… Well “girlfriend” don’t ya know it is all a publicity stunt! To people like Kim and her sister any publicity is good publicity. She obviously enjoys the attention. As to how this will affect her daughter, well the poor child grows up in that Media circus. Who knows only time will tell.

    As for if Kim as a role model! The rich and famous often make bad role models, which is partly what is wrong with the wold and society today.

    Excellent Post! 🙂

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  2. I second to Serins. At first sight, and caught up by curiosity following your post on B101, the style of this pic reminded me of the ones with Grace Jones. No wonder why as they would also be the work of Jean-Paul Goude, who himself works a lot with Jean-Paul Gaultier 😉


  3. Kim has always confused and bewildered and I really hope this doesn’t sound catty – for a women with that much “star power” and media attention there is so much more she could be doing besides showing off her butt on the internet.


  4. Great post. I always thought that she has a lovely look. Many beauty gurus on youtube wanted to do makeup of Kim Kardashian look and who knows that she also has an inspiring backside to show the whole world. I’m envy for her curvy body but not really on her naked bottom :3 I’ve already have Naked 1,2 & 3 from Urban Decay.

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