Die hard Disney fans, get excited! Pixar have announced a new Toy Story will be made. Toy Story 4 is set to be released in June 2017 and Buzz, Woody, and all the rest of the gang will be back on our screens for their fourth film. Now if you’re a fan like I am, this news is thrilling! However there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to be let down by the new movie. Toy Story 3 for me was the perfect ending, all the gang were given to a new owner and had a new life with a new child. It really was a happy ending and what happened next was left to the imagination.

John Lasseter, the director of the original and second Toy Story, has come back to work his magic on the fourth film, he was also the director Cars, Cars 2 and A Bug’s Life. Lasseter said this week about the characters of Toy Story, “We love these characters so much; they are like family to us”. Which I think most Toy Story fans like myself would agree with. I have grown up with these characters and they are now going to be apart of my adulthood too, as when the new film gets released I’ll be 23. The team who will be creating the new film consists of amazingly talented directors, who have created films such as Up, Finding Nemo and had worked on the previous Toy Story’s. So with all these amazing directors they can’t make it a total flop right?

BBC Radio One’s film critic Rihanna Dhillon made the point of saying that the only reason the fourth film was being made was because Disney and Pixar could afford to make it. And no matter what, millions and millions of people would still go and watch it, which is so true. She was another who agreed that the films should have been left as a trilogy and that the fourth film isn’t needed.

The big question is, what is the story of the film? Well, John Lasseter has been trying to keep details of the film on the low down. However it has been announced that the film will be based around a love story…But a love story with who? Woody and the new owner Bonnie? Jessie and Buzz? Barbie and Ken? or maybe with some new characters? It’s certainly something that’s got us all guessing and thinking.

More exciting news is that Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are set to reprise their voices. They couldn’t really do a film with them not playing the voices of Woody and Buzz, as it would completely ruin the magic of the characters.

So that’s the information we have at the moment, please share your thoughts on this wonderfully exciting news!!! And let’s hope that it’s all that we want it to be!


3 thoughts on “TOY STORY 4

  1. When Toy Story first came out I was of a similar age to Andy, and when the third one came out a few years ago, I was also about to go to university just like Andy was. I’m interested to see if I can relate to the next story line as much as I have with the others! I think Pixar is very clever how they make the films appeal to both children and adults, and with the right people working on the film I’m hoping it will be just as successful as the ones before it 🙂


  2. My three boys have grown up with the Toy Story Franchise. They were toddlers when they first came out and are teenagers now. We will all watch a fourth installment. It is a timeless, enchanting series and I find it hard to believe they could go wrong with these characters. And a new generation of fans will be created!


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